Who we are

Merolla Consulting Limited is a consulting company specialized in the financial sector (banking and insurance), gambling games and crowdfunding.
No matter what the size is, all businesses need the help of experts for technology and management consulting.
If your business is in early stage and cannot afford to hire the top individuals in their industry, we can offer to partner with your company instead of being retained on a fee-basis.

Financial services

We are experts in building and maintaining solutions for the financial sector: from Banking to Insurance, from Basel II/III to Solvency II, we can provide to you and your organization the added value and the solutions to your problems.

Crowdfunding & Crowdsourcing

If you are start-up or a crowdfunding platform we can help you succeed in this new era of financing.
We have experience dealing with a variety of groups from the crowdfunding and crowdsourcing ecosphere: crowdfunding platforms, entrepreneurs and investors.
We can guide you through the available crowdfunding platforms providing you resources and the knowledge necessary to make you save time and money.

Online gaming

We can provide full support services for online gambling activities: sports betting, casino, poker, bingo, and lotteries.
Our services also includes the development of customized solutions based on our Poker Nuvola platform in order to bring to you and your customers the best experience.
We can assist you in gathering the licensee and we can follow you step by step in the process to bring your solution live.